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Brazil & Bhutan


Hello Thomas and Tashi,


I am writing because I just returned from a trip to Morocco, part of which was a six night camel caravan in the Sahara desert.


And, as I was walking around the desert I had lots of time to think.  And, compare travel companies and their product.  


This was a nice trip, but it also pointed out how outstanding you both are in working with clients.  Good communication, thorough preparation, attention to detail, and client care, focus and service. (As you can guess, none of those things were so good on this trip.)


Having popcorn after a day of trekking in the Himalaya through Bhutan was surprising and wonderful.  Having a car wait for me in Brazil when my flight was very delayed was fabulous anticipation and service.  I know those are just two simple examples, but I just wanted to let you know that I still would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone for their travels.  Both trips had the basics well covered, but also went above and beyond in many ways.  The experiences I had in both Bhutan and Brazil have stayed with me as a gold standard.


I hope business remains strong and healthy for you.


Warm regards,


Ginny Grossman




Hello Tomas,

Just wanted to give you feedback on the trip. Absolutely wonderful. Perfect weather. I liked the hotel, which was clean and had a nice balcony view of the mountains.

The Canal tour was incredible. In fact, they convinced me to spend $10 more on the attached photo. I’m probably alone in my thinking but I wish the bus trip from Colon had a chance to pass by the statue of Columbus (the one thing I wanted to see in that city).

I did find a hop on/hop off place, which gave me good insight into the old part of town, the new, and the Miraflores locks. In fact, I wish I knew that Miraflores had a 24/7 video of the Canal at their website, so I would have told my family to watch out for me at roughly 9:30am.

Thank you for your help and hopefully we’ll conduct business in the future again.






Punakha Festival, Bhutan

Not into dramatics but let me say that our trip to Bhutan was beyond expectations as my desires/questions/requests were so honestly met by our guide Numgay that compared to my experience in China and other trips, this was a breath of fresh air.  You are getting the real thing with Footloose travels with no pomp and circumstance…



Kathmandu, Nepal

Thanks Tomas for again in Nepal networking with superior people who really listened to our desires and truly wanted us to enjoy and experience their country...



Varanasi, Delhi, Agra, India

We must thank Tomas for recommending Varanasi as that was not on our original radar but was most fascinating.  Our experiences in New Delhi and Agra were exceptional as our guides in each city worked at accommodating our desire to see the  “their” city and not the typical tourist portions of their city. . .



Salzburg to Prague Bicycle Tour

Tomas-  First, let me say that the tour was a fabulous experience!  The people that we encountered (Tomas in Salzburg, Frank, who picked us up to shuttle to Cesky Krumlov) were very helpful and professional.  Tomas was full of information and patient as he explained the tools we had to navigate during our trip.  The trails were (generally) well marked, and the instructions very explicit and complete.  We did get turned around a couple of times in the larger towns, but no real worries.  I will share that the exit from Cesky Krumlov was somewhat confusing, with difficult to locate (or missing?) trail signs.  However, once out of town, an excellent day. 

The hotels were all excellent, providing exactly what we needed at the end of each day (need I say they were close to taverns!), and easily located.  I believe we were asked to comment specifically on the Pension Dlouha in Pribram:  it was fine, although different somewhat than the others- more of a small B&B, with older furniture, etc., but still enjoyable.  Generally, all of the hotel personnel were very personable and helpful.  I do have to say that both Pisek and Pribram, we discovered really emptied out on the weekend- which I found out is very common.  A little tough to find a restaurant in Pribram, but once we did, it was a good time- not too far up the hill from the hotel.  And. . . the Hotel Constans in Prague was fabulous- great location, very large room, and great staff.

There was only one time we wondered if we were going to make it- probably as you would expect: day 3 from Linz was almost torturous, with the hill work required.  We probably spent more time walking our bikes up hills rather than riding.  Not real fun until we crossed from Austria to the Czech Republic- finally some downhill work.  By the way, it was very interesting that the customs building at the border was completely empty!  Welcome to the Czech Republic!  At least the beer was cold when we sat across from the park in Vyssi Brod waiting for Frank.  I am sure there have been attempts to make the day easier, and no options are available, but we almost called a cab (smile).  I am not sure how folks get through the day in the heat of summer.  It was unseasonably warm for us, and as we walked up the last hill, figured you must have a few people struggle in July and August.

As we looked at the pictures we took along the way, we realized we had a great time going along the back roads and national parks.  The towns we stayed in were really interesting, with most taverns and restaurants having either English speaking folks, or translated menus.  Really hospitable people.

If we look at doing this again, we would not hesitate to utilize your company's services.  You were very thorough in your preparation for us, and easy to work with.

Thank you very much for the experience.

By the way, the 1/2 day tour in Prague was great.  Joeri was a really good guide and resource as we made our way through the alleys and streets of the city.

Tom and Lynda Hollen


BRAZIL: Rio, Iguassu Falls, Pantanal, Paraty


Hello, Tomas.

I am home to frigid Minnesota. Kind of a change from Brazil. Can I go back?

My trip went beautifully (other than some rain, but not much to be done about that.)

I was pleased with my hotels, particularly Porto Bay in Rio and Pousada Sandi in Paraty. I think in Paraty I got the best room in the house as it had a small balcony and overlooked the courtyard, not the street. So, however that happened, thank you. The Porto Bay view was also fabulous, overlooking Copacabana Beach.

As we talked about before I left, the internal Brazil flights are nuts. But all internal travel went uneventfully. There were a couple things that were different than originally arranged, but both were improvements. In Iguassu, I had an English speaking guide one on one, not a group tour. And, my final flight from Cuiaba to Rio was late, thus missing the bus. I was a bit worried about what I would find when I got off the plane, but there was a driver/car waiting for me. He didn't speak English, but it didn't matter as it was 10:30 when we started the drive! However the travel folks worked that out, it was an excellent solution. In Paraty, the tour dates got juggled around once I was there, but the tour company handled it well, and it turned out to be an improvement based on weather.

There were no glitches in any of the travel arrangements, so thank you for your part in that. Paraty was a terrific recommendation. And, there is just so much more of Brazil to see. The parts that I did experience were all so diverse from one another, it kept it interesting. One of the trip highlights for me was the Brazilian music. Everywhere I went it was prevalent, and I loved all that I heard.

So, thank you for helping me plan a memorable and very enjoyable trip.

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, where ever you are in the world.
Thanks again for your help and guidance in putting this trip together.



Vienna to Krakow Bicycle Self-Guided Trip

Hi Tomas,
We just got back from our cycling trip and wanted to give you the highlights. First, everything went well - no injuries or mishaps. Second, it was everything we'd hoped it would be. However, the GPS we had never worked. Neither of us have used one before and we figured we could manage with the maps and instructions. We did find that portions of the maps were either outdated or we simply didn't understand, as we managed to get lost a lot. But we figured it out, and had fun in the process. By the way, Krakow which was very different than what I expected, much more cosmopolitan. There is no doubt that this is the best way to travel, as we saw so much more than we’d ever see any other way.

Also, we had a chance to spend some time with Tom. He took us to Mikolov, which was definitely one of the highlights of our trip.

Anyways, thanks again for your help with this trip. We would definitely hope to work with you again when we plan future trips. Feel free to use what I wrote for your web page, and I'd be happy to be a reference for you.



SOUTH AFRICA:  Johannesburg, Shiduli Private Game Reserve, Sabi Sands Private Game Reserve, Cape Town


Hi Tomas,
The trip went as planned. I did get busted, however, on the weight of my carry-on bag on the feeder flights to and from the park. The limit is 7 Kilos. When you have over 10 pounds of camera gear as I do, it's pretty tough not to exceed the 15 1/2 pd limit. The fine is pretty stiff.

Anyway, I had a wonderful time. Got some remarkable photo's in the park. The weather was excellent. And, as always, I met a lot of enjoyable people. I can see why Elephant Plains is in such demand. While Sudili was OK, it isn't in the same class as EP. Thanks for doing another bang up job for me!


TURKEY: Honeymoon Vacation


Hi Tomas,
There was no trouble with this or any transfer. The whole trip was perfect! Thank you very much!
I just referred one of my colleagues to you -- I gave a very high recommendation!
Thanks again,


Costa Rica & Panama


What a wonderful trip! The Pacific Coast of CR is certainly amazing. And as you said the highlight would be Corcovado NP, truly spectacular park - thanks for getting us to include it in our itinerary.

And we feel same about Panama. Glad we toured around Baru, we appreciated your recommendation of Peninsula Azuero and trip to San Blas was indeed the best part.

All arrangements were perfect, just wish we had more time to spend, but we'll be back! Thanks for all your help!



Bike Salzburg to Prague, self-guided

Hi Tomas,

We very much enjoyed our bike trip. It was a nice blend of riding in towns and country and also a good combination of flats and hills. The bikes were fine as was the service we received while on the road. There were a few minor mistakes with the written directions, but nothing significant. We had a problem with our first GPS, but we received a replacement within a couple of days. Our hotels were very nice and well situated and the staff were always helpful. The taxi & train transfers were all well coordinated.

Personally, I think we enjoyed the smaller towns more than Salzburg and Prague. Although very picturesque, we found Prague to be much more "commercialized" than we had anticipated. It probably was due partially to the fact that it was the busy summer season and also that the World Cup was taking place at the same time.

Thanks for setting up a memorable trip,



Belize: Orange Walk District, Lamanai Outpost Lodge, Xunantunich, Cahal Pech & San Ignacio, Crooked Tree & Baboon Sanctuary, Caracol & Rio Frio Cave & Pools

The trip was great!! The guides were very knowledgeable & helpful.
Lamanai & Belize City hotels were wonderful. We were glad to stay in san Ignacio city, just to see the sights. Cahal Pech hotel was just ok, but did see toucans flying around in the am & pm. Believe it was a good choice for us, but probably stay at San Ignacio hotel next time.

Overall, we saw/did what we wanted to & with excellent guides. We couldn’t have asked for a better trip.
THANK YOU so much for taking care of the details for us. We’ll keep your company in mind for future trips…

Margaret & Joe Atkins


Bicycle Tours Vienna to Prague

I just wanted to thank you for your help in booking / organizing an absolutely fabulous vacation.

Virtually everything went like clockwork!
We were met at the airport and taken to the train station as planned in Prague and the fellow assisted us to figure out the platform for the train to Vienna ( it was nice to relax on the train). We enjoyed the city tour and were able to then tour all the other things we wanted to see. We got a train to Breclav - unfortunately we were early so we took the commuter train not realizing that it does not go to Breclav but that the last leg is by bus - a lady on the train clued us in to what was happening and we were met by Tomas at the station with no troubles.

The guide, Lad'a Ptacek , was absolutely superb!! and if anyone needed a recommendation I would certainly give it... he was a fountain of knowledge , patient, funny and brought many personal stories to the history to make it real with lots of behind the scene tidbits. The porters were also very helpful with the bags and the bikes and the hotels were wonderful and with great meals, easy checkins, and wonderful dinners, and tours.

We were blessed with perfect biking weather about 70F every day with only a bit of rain on the last day - which was fun as well for the half of us that decided to bike. Lisa and I took the side trip down into Hardegg (nice 3 km 12% climb out of the canyon but worth the effort) while the others went on - we were able to catch up with them pretty easily, and since I had my GPS we also were entrusted to lead part of the group ahead a couple of times. The maps and the route sheets were wonderful and informative. The scenery was lovely, the towns were beautiful and still unspoiled. Some of the group were somewhat older and did have some trouble with a few of the hills and in a couple of cases took the van instead.

I did wonder if I might have enjoyed doing the trip in reverse though since I found it kind of jarring to be in Prague with all the souvenir shops - all the people etc after all the peaceful non touristy days on the road...

Thanks Tomas Belcik for helping to set up such a flawlessly organized trip and thanks to Lad’a Ptacek – a guide extraordinaire!

Ron and Lisa


Ultimate Everest Trek - Gokyo Ri, Kala Pattar, Chukung Ri

Group of 8 women


We had a successful journey... The Himalayan mountain range was massively majestic and our gorgeous mountain views always seemed like paintings because of being so surreal! The alpine glow was breath taking! Despite the fact that our group took an alternate route rather than going to base camp, which supposedly was one that was less traveled, there were still too many people trekking. We went to the Khumbu Region and "overlooked" Everest Base Camp. We were at 19,000 feet and had full views of about 10 mountains that were all over 26,000 feet and higher...with Everest being 29, 028 feet. There were over 1200 tents at base camp as we looked down upon the area and thought this was impossible but the numbers were confirmed once we got to the permit station and heard the facts! The area is so amazing but we found too much litter and nasty debris! Some of the places we went to were, Lukla, Namche Bazar, Tengboche, Pangboche, Pheriche, Lobuche, Kalapatthar (my favorite), Khumbu Glacier, Chola Pass, Gokyo and Gokyo Pass. 


The Nepalese people are very gentle, helpful and kind people with needing very little, which was quite humbling. These people were very hard workers, especially the 24 porters, cooks and Sherpaswe had to help us along  the way.  Our lead Sherpa, Pasang, was fabulous and most knowledgeable! He knew what to do to help the group acclimate to the altitude and took things slowly. The help are very appreciative to be porters with very little pay and carry about twice their body weight...I marveled at how they were capable of dealing with altitude while doing these carries!  It is quite difficult to breath normally at high altitudes!  The food was very good with many choices offered throughout the trek. I was very impressed with what they produced...without a real kitchen! I slept in tents 19  nights and did not get to wash my hair. Although I did use what the astronauts use...shampoo without H2O. We did get to buy a shower a week which was a bucket of hot water! We had a latrine tent for privacy  which was great!  (ha-ha!)  We had the best of weather  with crisp blue skies every morning and the temperatures of about 10 -15 degrees at night and 40-50 by day. The colder the better because of not sweating too much!!! I had a fantastic time getting ready for the trip and I was very happy to have had this beautiful experience!  

I want to thank you for organizing my trip !



Our trip was fantastic and I cannot say enough great things about Pasang. He was so positive, fun and supportive in every way. I tended to be the slowest hiker in the group, but he never pressured me to "hurry up". The food was delicious and we had great fun with the kitchen help. They were all lots of fun to be with.
I had had lots of concern about my ability to physically do this trip, but I am so glad I did. It was great.



Our trek to and around the Khumbu Valley was exceptional, not only for spectacular scenery, but also because of our world-class guide and support team.  Their understanding of proper acclimatization and selecting a pace and route appropriate for this group (age 27 to 63) ensured everyone’s enjoyment and success.  Plus their buoyant infectious personalities and sheer passion energized us through even the more challenging terrain. I’d trek with them anyplace and will again.  Fantastic! 


Great trip, great group, great weather, and especially a great job by Pasang and his staff.  Everyone loved the trip and people, and Pasang was on top of every detail.  It was a success on all fronts.  Thanks again for fantastic coverage and for picking such a competent local contact.  Pasang's a real pro.


Ruth Anne


The Best Ever! The leadership of Pasang was incredible. He is friendly, personable and honorable. I know the trek would not have been the same with another group. From the team he has assembled to the menu of food he provided was the finest quality. I feel that I have made lasting friendships in Nepal.
Thank you for your fine work, Tomas.





Hi Tomas!  India was exactly as we expected.  The hotels were wonderful, the guides were informative, and the drivers were excellent. We were met on time at all the airports and there were no problems.  But.... the guide in Udaipur was exceptionally good.  I can't remember his name but he realized what we were interested in and he told us more about the caste system, marriages, etc.  He took us on a morning walk of the the town and was so interesting we were sorry to end the tour! 
For some unknown reason, the hotels had our address as the U.S. Consulate in Wash DC.  We received incredible treatment!  We were upgraded to suites, had a butler at one hotel, and were given all kinds of extras -- Goan prawns which were ordered specially for us and then we were comped for the entire meal, etc.  At the Taj Exotica when the  head executive chef came out to talk to us, he mentioned that we probably knew other people from the embassies!  We know that the Taj hotels and Oberoi hotels are known for their service, but they went overboard trying to please us!  We were extremely happy with everything and very easy to please!  But they asked us over and over and over -- even calling us to ask what more they could do! At almost every meal the chefs came out with special dishes made specially for us (and they didn't go to anyone else's table) and then they wouldn't charge us for these dishes!  Even the breakfast chef made us coconut yogurt then came out to explain how he made it with real fresh coconut and the entire staff (about 8 people) stood around (you like it? you like it?). 
Overall it was a great trip.  You did a fantastic job planning it for us!  Thank you so much for everything you did for us! 
Jill Lipman


Ladakh, India


Hi Tomas,

Our trip was FANTASTIC!! Don't even know where to start....Guest House Deskit was all you said it would be... your Ladakh crew, Lobsang were excellent...our guide, Gyalson Konchuk was a delightful young man and did a great job, got a great cook and assistant - we had very good meals...stayed in village houses which was a nice way to see Ladakhi was outstanding - gorgeous sunny, clear, warm days, cold nights with full moon and starry skies - could not have asked for better... weather starting to turn with clouds and snow on the higher elevations when we returned to Leh. The Sham trek was good for us, both Diane and I worked hard on the steep places, but just went slowly and had no trouble with elevation with the exception of panting on those steep climbs, Jim could have easily done a longer, higher trek, but it was great for all of us. Absolutely wonderful monasteries and Gyalson made sure we got into the "chapels".

I would certainly recommend Footloose to anyone - it was great.

Best regards,


Ladakh & Pushkar, India


Just returned home tonight.  The trip was fantastic, and your entire  group of partners in India did a superb job.  There wasn’t one glitch!  I loved every minute of it and appreciate your time, thought and advice in putting it together.   

I’ll be happy to pass your name along to anyone who inquires.  Great job, great value. 

Ruth Anne Kocour

[Ruth Anne Kocour is an author of Facing The Extreme: One Woman's Story Of True Courage And Death-Defying Survival In The Eye Of Mt. McKinley's Worst Storm Ever]


Rajasthan, India

Hello Tomas,

Well, we're back from a wonderful trip.  Your India people were terrific - we had a great driver and excellent guides.  Pushkar was indescribable and we spotted two tigers at Ranthambore.  Thanks again for your help in getting this organized. 




"The tour was excellent, the hotels excellent, Granada is stunning, the scenery, the volcanoes, the view of Laguna Appoyo, all amazing. Nicaragua was simply a big surprise! Your organization, local associates and guides all of you did a great job! " Sara and Mark S.


Ladakh, India


Dear Tomas,

Please forgive my delay in answering your email query about our Sham Trek, but we still are traveling.  We're in Malaysia right now.

To answer your question, the trek was wonderful.  Ladakh is beautiful, the people are welcoming and kind, the monasteries are among the best we have ever seen, with many monks in residence.  Our guide, Gyaltsen, was a delightful companion, a very polite young man, and a very good guide.  Our trekking crew was very good.

Leh was very interesting, and Lobsang and his wife were perfect hosts.  Their guest house was very comfortable and clean and it offered the best view in Leh, I think, with Tang Kangri and the peace stupa on the horizon.

You offer the best trekking value and quality we have ever found, and we have been trekking for more than 20 years in a half dozen different countries.  We will contact you when we plan our next Asian or European trip.

Very best regards,

Jim Pearre and Diane DeRocher


Argentina - Chile tour

"I had heard of Patagonia being beautiful, read a lot before we went, but I still was not prepared for what I was to see - Perito Moreno Glacier left me speechless! The tour was well designed and run, guides full of information, considerate and pleasant. Going on a private tour just the two of us made all the difference. Thank you Footloose! I can't wait to go on another trip with you! " Gina and John Harris 


Mt. Kailash, Tibet

"We had a great trip! The drive from Lhasa to Mt Kailash was tiring, local guesthouses and food not too good but  our guide made it a Tibet learning experience, very informative! And the Kailash Kora was everything we expected - seeing the pilgrims, their fervor, their total preoccupation with their piety made us forget our mundane concerns, aches and pains trekking, and the thin air... Thanks!

Larry Hudson



The scenery in Sikkim certainly takes your breath away-not to mention the roads and the hikes! Both drivers were excellent-thank goodness. I had been warned about the roads but the roads in Sikkim did take my breath away a couple of times. 

On the whole, I enjoyed the trip. Sikkim is so very different from the rest of India, which is very refreshing.

Suzanne Montgomery


Walking Budapest to Krakow

Bottom line, the trip was excellent. Our guide in Slovakia (Jano) was the best we could imagine. The accommodations were good. The whole program was good with only minor glitches. Even the day of hiking in the pouring rain was enjoyable for us. We have already given your WEB information to some of our friends who may be looking at doing the trip.

Will contact you later about trekking in Bhutan/Nepal next year.

Thanks, Billy


South India private tour

"Kerala is breathtaking, the accommodations and food were superb. This was our second trip to India and we want to come again - two years ago, before our first trip to India we hesitated and questioned if to go at all, now we have become addicted. We'll contact you after Christmas."

Laurie and Paul Louison


Walking Vienna to Prague


Sorry that we didn't get back to you sooner.  Since returning, we've had  a number of things going on as well as trying to get caught up at work, and I've been ignoring my e-mail at home.

The rest of the trip was great .  We had a wonderful time in Prague.  Mary got a lot of nice photos.  Hopefully we'll have some time this fall to put the best ones in a little slide show.  We truly enjoyed the day spent with you.  I usually don't journal but was glad I did.  Its probably the only way I'll remember most of the things you told us.

Spent much of our time in Old Town and the castle area.  I  went to the Bethlehem Chapel.  Found it quite interesting, probably because it wasn't a part of my religious studies course but certainly should have been.  Found several  nice restaurants.  One was across the street from the Bethlehem Chapel and it  had the best salmon I've had in a long time.  Of course, the beer was good wherever we went.  The last evening we went to the Charles Bridge and waited for the lights to come on.  It was well worth the wait.

The walking tour was hot, humid and in a few places quite buggy, but certainly enjoyable.  All the accommodations were nice.  No complaints although the farmers do tend to get an early start on their tractors.  Had rain two of the days including the last day.  We weren't able to see anything from the observatory above Cesky Krumlov but still it was a pleasant hike.

I would recommend the trip to others but  if we were to do it again, we'd probably try to do it in late summer or early fall.

Tom and Mary (Montana)



"It was truly valuable to have an agent that has traveled all the places we wanted to see and not just passing out information to us from some brochures (Thank you Tomas!) Tour was smooth, all the guides very knowledgeable, a great value considering there were just the two of us. May be next year we go to India with you guys..."

Michael Simms



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India and Trekking in Ladakh

We had an outstanding time and guide in Agra and were enthralled with the Taj Mahal, as well as many other great historical monuments.
Now we are settled back in. Thank you so much for all the last minute arrangements.

The trip was just wonderful!   We are so glad we went with you & not with our original plan.  We can't thank you enough!  Haresh, Lobsang, they were all great! It's wonderful that Lopsang has done this so much and knows how much time the body needs to be ready to trek. 

Keep us informed of other great trips that you plan & we hope in the not too distant future to return to India & Ladakh too!

Jim and Carol (State of Washington)


Czech Republic

Bonnie and I had a wonderful time! The service provided by your team was fabulous. There was a break in the rainy weather and we had a great time horse riding. We had the added bonus of getting to see a horse jumping show which was great since my wife did this competitively back in Texas.
The hotel was excellent with great food (it was the best meal we had in Czech Republic and we went to some really fancy places for business dinners in Prague.)
Thanks again for all your help and support
Frank P Orlowski


Trekking Ladakh to Spiti


The Rumtse to Kibber trek was a success. On the whole your team did a good job. Lopsang Punchok was very business like and put us in a wonderful guest house in Leh. He also got all our Leh purchases delivered to Manali and made sure we had Volvo bus reservations to Delhi.. The young guide Gel and the Nepalese cook, Shekhar were great. We spent an acclimatization day hiking the hills above Rumtse where we discovered prehistoric pictographs. As a result, I'm in touch with Carlo an Italian we shared the Rumtse camp site with, and I'm looking for an appropriate archeologist to review the photos.
Although Laura and I had camped at 18700ft. on our 2003 Mt Kilimanjaro climb and also made it to the top of 19700ft. Mt Elbrus in 2004, we were initially surprised by the fierce sun and wind on the high plateau around the two lakes and beyond.. I think the high dry desert made the weather more intense. We did adapt though. I never mentioned it but I  injured my left hamstring on Memorial Day. The leg improved steadily on the trek and both Laura and I made it over the 18850 ft. Parang La in snow and fog without  problem. After that we really enjoyed the rest of the trek to Kibber.
We had a great experience at Johnson's Lodge in Manali. They let us stay in our hotel room until 5pm on Thursday although checkout time was twelve noon. They also served the best trout dinner I've ever had. We had the same great treatment at the Park Hotel in Delhi. The Manali bus arrived in Delhi at 7:20 am instead of 10am as scheduled. The Park gave us our room at 8am without extra charge. Harrish the travel agent you had arranged to get us to the airport was really efficient and helpful. He got us there in plenty of time for our flight and saw us through right up to security. We were impressed with Indian hospitality. We really enjoyed the trip.
                        All the best,

                                    Charlie Keenan



"How was our trip? We had  a ball in China! Will get back to you again in the future - thanks!"

Tina and Don Mars



"Depth of knowledge of the guides, well run, Egypt truly was amazing and one of the best trips we've ever done! Private tour is a way to go! Thank you Footloose!" Michelle Rouge


North-Western Panama

Hello Tomas,

                      Changuinola was wonderful and I would like to go there again sometime or see a different place.  I'm glad I chose to do my fishing in different places because there was a lot of things to see and explore for me.  I personally like to stay away from the regular tourist traps, as I miss all the nature stuff that I like.

A couple of things about the Indian community if the people asking for a request are planning to take the long walks which I take :)

1. wear good hiking /travel boots as the paths are steep and easy to lose your grip after the rain and you can then fall on the slick mud and have a major injury if you are climbing in the hills in the community. I'm not kidding or exaggerating about this because the paths are not maintained in the jungle and if one slips /falls, it can be a bad experience.

2. it is best to leave any heavy luggage with Sr. Elladio (in his office) in Changuinola when going on the jungle trip - he is a very nice man and when he is around he gives you a lot of very good information about Changuinola. This is simply because the boat cannot carry heavy luggage and a daypack is enough for a day or two to visit the community.

The food at the Indian community was excellent and I had no complaints. The shower and toilet facilities were as good as other jungle places I have been in....and the wildlife was spectacular, particularly the dart frogs!

By all means I'll keep in touch.

Tony P.



"Yes, the tour went well, the guides, the hotels, the day to day logistics were all just fine - overall I would do it again. I learned much about the Maya culture  that I never even imagined I could on just a 10-day tour. Very informative! We both recommend Footloose organization to all that are considering to travel with them!" Ron and Linda Roy


Ladakh, India Jeep Safari

Hi Tomas,

Back home I want to let you know that our holiday in Ladakh was one of the nicest we have had so far. Apart from the country itself, the people and landscape which you all know better than we do it was perfect timing, no stress , excellent guide and driver - excellent hotel in Leh and Delhi, fine resort in Tso Morriri - only the camp in Nubra Valley was not too clean, the food very poor, and I think parties of two or four people should better be put in a guesthouse...the tent itself is romantic, but the rest isn't. Also we personally would go back from Tso Morriri on the same road, instead of the Tso Kar on....I remember that you suggested this version....but I did not listen to you.......
Mahabodi is a special place - we were the only clients, and liked it very much . Excellent service, excellent food - staff more than friendly, David special person - but maybe not suitable for "normal" tourists, who might prefer the pollution and chaos of Leh and would probably not be too happy with the low electricity (one can hardly read in the tent or find something) and the lack of shade.



Vietnam and Cambodia

"Had we known you before we would had traveled with you long time ago! Your itinerary was superbly run, we saw more than enough sites  and we had plenty of time to relax, do something on our own. Angkor Wat is simple incredible! Great private tour!"

Maria and Mark Neubauer



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