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Not a destination for anyone, but those that love adventure and are not afraid to venture beyond the ordinary will return thrilled. Read a feedback by one of our clients:


If you may spend only 2-3 days in Reykjavik, you might be disappointed. It is a small city but the day trips to Thingvellier, Geyser, Blue Lagoon, and Stong are the best part of that area.

However, with a car, experiencing the geologic wonders at that rift along with the Sudurnes peninsula were a highlight. WE WERE THRILLED TO NOT PARTICIPATE IN THE BLUE LAGOON OVER-MARKETED ADVENTURE. WE COULD NOT UNDERSTAND THE ALLURE OF THE POWER PLANT WASTE WATER THAT JUST HAPPENS TO BE BLUE! Much better to experience the real thing at the multiple local sites (Secret Lagoon at Fludir, for example), as we did.

We felt like three weeks was (barely) about enough time to experience the highlights of geography, culture and people of the country. If tourists have 2 weeks, we recommend a week in the West Fiords. This astoundingly primal environment is grand, as the Grand Canyon is grand.

As you know, we did a few days in the capital city area at the end of our trip. Early on we “did the glaciers” from every vantage point, i.e. hiking, glacier lagoon boat ride, helicopter. One of the five full-sun days we experienced happened to coincide with our helicopter experience - a spectacular flight! It IS expensive, however.

For us, the overnights in Vik and Hofn were well spaced stops for the south glacier adventures. The rest of our stops as we went over the top of the island were well-timed also, with only a few longer days of driving. You did a good job there plotting the itinerary. As I said, however, the West Fjords are the must-see for anyone on a limited time budget.

Yes, Iceland is VERY expensive and if the people who complained were surprised, then they were personally unprepared and maybe new to travel. If you want to save money, we easily were able to “car picnic” for lunches and an occasional supper. Also, our bourbon purchased at duty free in New York lasted the trip --- and was GREAT chilled with glacier ice at the end of a long day!

Hope this gives you enough information to make your decision. People who are just “tourists” and go uninformed or unprepared might have a problem with the price and/or facilities. Iceland might not be for them; it’s not for everybody.

People who are more “travelers” will educate themselves ahead of time, and get into the spirit of the outstanding, unspoiled scenery, spectacular geology, warm, literate and pleasant people, excellent food, great drinking water and clean, neat facilities. And they will be prepared for any weather that ensues (and weather WILL ensue).

I suggest you test your clients to see if they are tourists or travelers; people who can’t make lemonade out of lemons should go somewhere else, a Club Med maybe.


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