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   Walking Tours Budapest to Krakow 

10-day / 9-night walking tour
Self-guided or guided walking trip
Length of walks: 120 km / 75 miles

Liptov area



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Amber Trail Budapest to Krakow Walking Vacation

Trip rating: Moderate to Challenging

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Danube, Budapest to Krakow walking route.


Kremnica, Slovakia, Budapest to Krakow walking route.


 Route Highlights:

·  6 World Heritage Sites (protected by UNESCO)

·  genteel city of Budapest

·  old town of Banska Štiavnica

·  traditional village of Vlkolinec

·  pilgrimage site of Kalwaria Zebrzydowska

·  Wieliczka salt mine

·  Royal city of Cracow

·  the magnificent Danube Bend

·  massive Gothic castles

·  Krakow amber market

·  thermal cave spa



10 - day walking tour  from Budapest to Krakow

This rewarding route leads through three countries - Hungary, Slovakia, and Poland in the steps of the historic amber trade route. Our journey starts on the Danube River in Budapest, the capital of Hungary, the "Paris of the East". The hike itself begins in the nearby village of Szentendre about 10 km north of Budapest. Szentendre is a picturesque little town full of cafes, restaurants, galleries, churches, museums, little shops, and street artists. It is the gateway to an especially panoramic part of Hungary called the Danube Bend, where the river winds between high hills to Visegrad (and a castle with a beautiful view), and the historic town of Ezstergom, for centuries the seat of the Hungarian bishops, with its magnificent cathedral.


In crossing the Danube we reach Slovakia, the longest and most scenically attractive part of the journey. The first footpath here leads from the Slovak side of the Danube into the Kováčovský Hills and onward to Banská Štiavnica, a medieval mining town, selected for the UNESCO World Heritage List for its unique history. For those who wish to rest and regenerate their strength, the spa in Sklené Teplice offers swimming in thermal caves.


The trail leads through the unspoiled countryside of the mountains in Slovakia and the typical highland villages, over the High Fatra, Low Tatras, and Western Tatra range, where the effort expended in conquering the difficult route is more than compensated for by the panoramic views of the highest mountains in Slovakia. The little mountain villages might be lost in time; the hospitality of the local people, herds of sheep and traditional crafts, all this is part of the unforgettable experience of this trail, so far relatively undiscovered by outsiders.

Read more about the trail here!

Map of Budapest to Krakow walking route.

Walk Budapest to Krakow Itinerary


Day 1 Budapest - Szentendre
The change of scenery from big city to the small town of Szentendre (12 miles from Budapest) is a pleasant start for the best of the hiking routes between Budapest and Cracow. The town of Szentendre is easy to reach by van on highway 11, by subway train (HÉV), by coach (VOLÁN), and by boat on the Danube (MAHART). Szentendre with its unique atmosphere has two dozen museums, seven churches, 13 galleries, and countless coffee shops and little pubs. The nearby Open Air Museum offers visitors a look at traditional Hungarian village architecture.
Overnight in Szentendre
Day 2 Szentendre - Visegrad (16 km / 10 miles)
Morning transfer by van to Visegrad. The foot trail features wonderful views of the Danube Bend and hills around Visegrad, where in a relatively small area you can admire one of the best-preserved Romanesque towers in Central Europe, the Solomon Tower, or the dominant feature of the countryside, the Renaissance-style King Matthias Palace. On Sibrik Hill you can see the remains of a Roman military camp, and take in the beauty of the whole area from the watch tower on Nagy-villam Hill. Late afternoon transfer by van to Esztergom, traditional seat of the Hungarian bishops, with its enormous basilica.
Overnight in Esztergom.
Day 3 Esztergom - Kamenica nad Hronom - Banska Stiavnica (15 km / 9 miles)
After Esztergom we transfer to the trailhead in the village of Kamenica nad Hronom, where the Kovacovske Hills nature trail starts. The route leads through a National Nature Reserve offering panoramic views of the majestic Danube River from the Slovak side. This part of the trail is one of the easier hikes in both difficulty and length. In the late afternoon transfer to Banska Stiavnica, with a stop in the village of Brhlovce, with its unique houses chopped into the rock, and a fascinating museum on this unusual feature.
Overnight in Banská Stiavnica
Day 4 Prencov - Banska Stiavnica (18 km / 11 miles)
First a tour of Banska Stiavnica, protected by UNESCO for its history, atmosphere, and location, then transport by van to the village of Prencov where the route starts that takes you to Sitno, the highest peak in the Stiavnicke Highlands, with observation tower at the top. The nearby castle is named after the mountain. The path leads on through one-time mining country, with an interesting system of lakes and collection canals, to Banska Stiavnica.
Overnight in Banska Stiavnica.
Day 5 Banska Stiavnica - Ruzomberok - Vlkolinec (16 km / 10 miles)
Transfer by auto to the town of Ruzomberok, the ideal starting point for the ranges of the Low Tatras, High Fatra, and Chocsky Hills.
The hiking route leaves Ruzomberok toward the High Fatra by way of Sidorovo peak, from which there is a most exquisite view of the village of Vlkolinec, one of the main points of interest on the Amber Trail, a historical reserve containing the most undisturbed and complete collection of traditional architecture in Slovakia, put under UNESCO heritage protection for its uniqueness. You can take a shortcut in the form of a lift that takes you from the top of Malino peak back to Ruzomberok.
Overnight in Ruzomberok.
Day 6 Ruzomberok - Salatin - Liptovsky Mikulas (17 km / 11 miles)
This day is set aside for a hike to the Low Tatras, the most difficult segment of our trip, which starts in the village of Ludrova (3 miles from the center of Ruzomberok) and goes to the top of Salatin Hill, a national nature park of extraordinary botanic and zoological value. The relatively easy beginning of the route turns into a steep climb to the top, where there is a really fine view of the whole area around Liptov. The entire circuit, ending back in Ludrova, is one of the prettiest foot trails in the Low Tatras. Late afternoon transfer from Ruzomberok to Liptovsky Mikulas.
Overnight in Liptovsky Mikulas.
Day 7 Prosiecka and Kvacanska Valley (17 km / 11 miles)
Liptovsky Mikulas is famous as the place where Juraj Janosik, the "Slovak Robin Hood", was hung on a hook to die in 1713. The program starts with transportation to the village of Prosiek in the Chocsky Hills, the starting point for excursions into one of Slovakia's most beautiful valleys. Taken together with the Kvacanska Valley it is one of the most interesting circuits, featuring a remarkably wild natural environment with caves, waterfalls, and a unique, restored wooden mill in the hamlet of Oblazy. In places the only way to go up is by ladder. After finishing the walking route you are taken by van back to Liptovsky Mikulas, with a stop in the village of Zuberec, with a unique open-air museum of folk structures typical of the Orava region.
Overnight in Liptovsky Mikulas.
Day 8 Demanovska Valley (14 km / 9 miles)
By van in the morning to the very heart of the Low Tatras: Demanovska Valley offers a variety of possibilities, depending on the weather and the physical resources of the hikers. One of them is to visit the Demanovske limestone caves, go up on the lift almost to the top of Chopok Mountain, and continue to the highest peak of the Low Tatras, Dumbier Mountain (2043m), or else take the Demanovske Valley instructional trail.
Evening transfer by van back to Liptovsky Mikulas. Overnight in Liptovsky Mikulas
Day 9 Liptovsky Mikulas - Kalwaria Zebrzydowska - Krakow (7 km / 4 miles)
Morning transfer by car to to the village of Lanckorona in Poland, where there is an interesting project to save the local folk architecture. Hike from here to today's highlight Kalwaria Zebrzydowska, and the Stations of the Cross consisting of 32 chapels and chaplets, ending in the monumental Bernadine monastery.
Late afternoon transfer to Cracow. Overnight in Cracow
Day 10 Krakow 
Wawel Castle, the Old Market Square, the Kazimierz Jewish quarter, or the town walls and Royal Way could easily take a day each. But then to really soak up the atmosphere of this living city you must get into cafés or pubs, theaters or clubs, and that takes more than a day, too...


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Difficulty Level

Moderate to Challenging


Elevation profile, Budapest to Krakow walking route.

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