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Czech Republic Jewish Heritage Tour

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Jewish Cemetery, Southern Moravia, Jewish Heritage tour

Through visits to historic synagogues and cemeteries, this tour explores the uprooted, tragic history of the Jewish people in Czech Republic.

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 Jewish Quarter – Josefov

Day 1 Vienna - Mikulov
Arrival to Vienna, transfer to Mikulov.
Overnight in Mikulov.
Day 2 Mikulov
For centuries Mikulov was the most important cultural and administrative center of the Moravian Jews, and the seat of the Moravian Rabbi. Picturesque old houses, part of the former Jewish ghetto in the area directly surrounding the towering castle, stand witness to the bygone fame and glory of the Jewish community with its famous personalities, such as Rabbis Mordechaj Benet, Menachem Mendl Krochmal, Samuel Shmelke Horovitz, or the legendary Rabbi Loew and David Oppenheim.
Overnight in Mikulov.
Day 3 Lednice-Valtice area, Breclav, Podivin
After breakfast, transfer to the nearby Lednice-Valtice UNESCO World Heritage Site, the former estate of the Liechtenstein family, which resided here from early 13th century until 1945. The area is graced by two magnificent chateaux and numerous "follies", romantic structures set harmoniously into the surrounding landscape. In the afternoon is a tour of the newly-restored synagogue in Breclav, and a visit to Podivin, location of the first written mention of Jews in Moravia, dating from 1067, together with a tour of the local Jewish cemetery, with its oriental ritual hall and museum exhibit.
Overnight in Mikulov.
Day 4 Boskovice, Brno
After breakfast, transfer to Boskovice, where there survives an extraordinarily valuable Jewish quarter, with school, bathhouse, hospital, rabbinate, and synagogue. Afterwards we continue to Brno for a look at the town and the main Jewish sites, and a meeting with representatives of the local Jewish community.
Overnight in Mikulov.
Day 5 Velke Mezirici, Trebic
After breakfast, transfer to Velke Mezirici, and a tour of a unique Jewish quarter, with narrow streets and passageways leading to enclosed courtyards. Then a tour of the ghetto, both synagogues, and the cemetery. After lunch we will continue to Trebic, and possibly the most well-preserved Jewish quarter in Europe: of the 123 original houses, only 5have been lost. Evening arrival in Telc.
Overnight in Telc.
Day 6 Telc, Vranov nad Dyji
Day of rest. You can stay and relax in Telc, a magnificent Renaissance town whose historic core and chateau were recently added to the UNESCO List of World Heritage Sites. Or you can join for a pleasant trip to Vranov nad Dyji, a jewel of Baroque architecture perched on a rocky cliff above a river canyon. For lunch we will be in the village of Stalky, where there is a former parish house beautifully restored as a restaurant (with excellent cooking); on the way we can visit the remnants of the Jewish settlement in Safov. Afternoon find sus back again in Telc.
Overnight in Telc.
Day 7 Jindrichuv Hradec, Trebon
After breakfast we will arrive in Jindrichuv Hradec, a town featuring the third largest castle complex in the Czech Republic. After visiting the castle and its lovely surroundings, we will get acquainted with the project of the Rozmberk Society of the restoration of Jewish cemeteries in Jindrichuv Hradec and the surrounding area. In the afternoon we will transfer to Cesky Krumlov via Trebon.
Overnight in Cesky Krumloc.
Day 8 Cesky Krumlov
After breakfast, a tour of this famous town. Cesky Krumlov is a treasure of world culture, with a place on the UNESCO List of World Heritage Sites. You will tour the Renaissance castle, the second largest castle complex in the Czech Republic after Prague, Europe’s only intact Baroque theater, and the park and gardens. In the afternoon you can explore on your own the enchanting Old Town, with its little alleys, churches, squares, cafes, and restaurants, museums, and more.
Overnight in Cesky Krumlov.
Day 9 Hluboka nad Vltavou, Prague
After breakfast, depart for Prague, with a stop at the fantastic neo-Gothic Hluboka Castle over the River Vltava. After lunch, we will arrive in Prague to get a look at some of the wonders of this great city: Charles‘ Bridge, the Old Town Square, and Wenceslas Square, the setting for 1989‘s Velvet Revolution. Overnight in Prague.
Day 10 Prague
After breakfast we will set out on a tour of Prague‘s Jewish monuments: the area of the former Jewish Ghetto, with its synagogues, Jewish cemetery, Franz Kafka museum, and more. Afternoon will be free time to take in as much as you can, and then a farewell dinner in the evening.
Overnight in Prague.
Day 11



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