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Czech Republic

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Czech Republic Tours

 Guided and Self-guided Central Europe

Bicycle Tours & Walking Vacations

The focus of our program in the Czech Republic and Central Europe are our cycling and walking tours. We offer guided as well as self-guided bicycle tours and walking vacations, the later being the ideal option  for couples, namely Bicycle Vienna to Prague , Bicycle Salzburg to Prague and Bicycle Budapest to Krakow tours. For those that like to walk we offer the walking tour alternatives for the same routes.


No tour to the Czech Republic should leave out Prague, hailed as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. If you are short on time or patience to join a conventional tour, walk or bicycle around and out of Prague with a private guide! Bicycling around Prague may not be for everyone, but if you love to bicycle, with an experienced and knowledgeable guide this is truly the way to experience Prague. Otherwise we certainly offer variety of day-trips around Prague, including day-trips to some of Bohemia's most prominent castles and medieval towns, namely Telc, Cesky Krumlov, Karlovy Vary and Kutna Hora.


For those that prefer the non-active solution to touring, our Best of Bohemia and Moravia tour should not be missed. For those interested in Jewish heritage, visit to historic synagogues and cemeteries, Jewish Heritage Tour explores the uprooted, tragic history of the Jewish nation in Czech Republic.



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