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Colombia Tours

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Colombia Tours

Highlights of Colombia
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Ask and most will tell you that Colombia has not figured prominently on their list of countries to visit. Though the fifth largest country in Latin America in size and the third largest in population, Colombia has not had a superior international popularity. Images of violence, guerilla warfare, kidnappings, ruthless drug lords and cocaine trafficking, Colombia carved an image for itself of a dangerous and violent nation. However, the scenario has dramatically changed in recent years. The civil conflict has essential ceased, security has been improved and although Colombia is still plagued by corruption, political turmoil, and not surprisingly, cases of violence, Colombia is also experiencing its most peaceful and prosperous era in decades which certainly facilitates that tourism has been on a steady increase.


Ask and most will misspell the name of the country, writing "Columbia," yet the country was named in honor of Christopher Columbus, following the Italian version of his name (Cristoforo Colombo), hence the correct name is indeed COLOMBIA.


Because of the turbulent decades that instilled the violence in our minds rather than Colombia’s cultural and scenic riches, few are truly aware of what Colombia has to offer. Yet fact is that Colombia has as much and more in some respects as its considerably more well-known neighbors, be it Brazil, Peru or Ecuador. Colombia is where the spine of the Andes mountain range begins, in a way the Patagonia of the North, covering most of Colombia’s heartland and the west. In the east Colombia is flat, hot and humid, even more so in the south, the closer to Equator, where thick jungle extends towards the Amazon River and the borders with Peru and Brazil.


Colombia has rich colonial history, thus one can find charming colonial towns and villages with well-preserved colonial architecture but Colombia has also vibrant modern cities, stunning beaches, tropical islands and national parks as well as archeological sites. So close to the Equator and most have an image of stifling heat yet the capital Bogota lies on a plain in an elevation of over 8500 feet above sea level, that’s over 3,000 feet higher than the Miles High City of Denver!


Opportunities where to go and what to see are endless, but while most of Colombia is perfectly safe these days, certain outposts are still best left for sometimes in the future, including parts of the Amazon jungle and the jungles along Ecuador border. But you can certainly go to Cali and Valle del Cauca and sample Cali's buzzing salsa scene, visit Medellin, Barranquilla, Boyacá, Santander, the colonial town of Popayan, as well as mysterious archaeological sites of San Agustin and Tierradentro, both inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. If tropical islands are your forte, we can tailor Providence and San Andres islands into your itinerary. But if your time is limited and your tastes refined a must are Bogota, the Coffee Triangle, Cartagena and Tyrona National Park. For more see our Highlights of Colombia itinerary.



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