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When you hear BRAZIL, what images does the word inspire? Chances are that one of the first images is Rio de Janeiro, the stunning city with its famous landmarks of Christ the Redeemer atop Corcovado Mountain and the Sugar Loaf, the striking granite mound framing Rio's coastal view.


Of course the second image that comes to mind is that of the mighty Amazon River and its vast rainforests.


A next image that may appear is of the Rio Carnival, of dancing in the streets, rhythm of samba and bossa nova, the party of all parties Rio has become famous for.


But there is far more to Brazil and it becomes more apparent as Rio de Janeiro got selected to host the 2016 Olympic Games, the very first city to stage the games in South America!


Suddenly Brazil gains prominence as the destination and the trend is likely only to accelerate, for Brazil is as stunning visually as it is vast geographically. A fifth largest country in the world in terms of total population it also constitutes a grand spectacle of cultural and natural riches.


Brazil is a mixture of races, sounds, colors and flavors but above all Brazil has 2500-mile long coastline of stunning sunny beaches. The most famous ones, the Copacabana and Ipanema beaches of Rio de Janeiro, are practically brand names when it comes to mention of a beach. But the most incredible of beaches begin in far north of the coastline, in Belem. After Belem, going south along the coast the beaches only get more stunning, as you get to Fortaleza, Natal, Ponta Negra, Pirangi and Porto Seguro. Then come the beaches of the Blue Coast, Buzios, Cabo Frio, and more of the incredible beaches continue south of Rio, along the Green Coast, namely around Angra dos Reis, Ilha Grande, Paratay and Trinidade. There are not just a few, there a literally dozens of beaches, and there are more yet further south, near Sao Paulo, around San Sebastiao, Ihlabela, around Ubatuba, and all the way down south around Florianopolis.


If you are on a limited time, we can design a tour for you that will include the best of Rio de Janeiro and a couple of side trips from Rio, perhaps one up or down the coast and one into the interior.


State of Rio de Janeiro offers wonderful excursions inland, to Nova Friburgo, settled by the Swiss immigrants in early 1800s, and to Petropolis, a mountain summer retreat of Brazil’s emperor Dom Pedro II.


Side trips from Sao Paulo include Aguas de Sao Pedro, a site of healing hot springs, and Campos do Jordao, a mile-high mountain escape destination from the oppressive heat of the summer in the coastal areas.


If you prefer sightseeing the marvels of nature, you have to include a trip south to Iguazu Falls, the UNESCO Natural Treasures of Humanity site and one of world’s most impressive waterfalls.


Once in that part of Brazil it may be you’d like to continue to another magical creation of nature, the Pantanal, the vibrant wetlands biosphere and another UNESCO Natural Treasures of Humanity site.


And to top off your quest of the wildlife and nature habitats of Brazil, the Amazon region constitutes the supreme highlight. Flowing for some 4000 miles this phenomenal waterway drains the most astounding rain forest on earth, and a journey downriver should not be missed if you even want to experience it in its vast magnificence. Whether you will stop in Manaus, a key port and commercial heart of the upper Amazon, or stop at Santarem, a half way point to the Atlantic ocean, you must visit Belem, the historic city crowning Amazon’s delta.


If your interests are architecture and history, the inland state of Minas Gerais is a must-visit destination. Located northwest of Rio de Janeiro is Bello Horizonte, Brazil’s third largest city and a starting point for travel to the region of Serra do Espinahaco, the area of Brazil’s historic gold towns. Besides gold this region was famous for diamonds, and Diamantia, the city of diamonds, is a destination to add to your Minas Gerais itinerary.


And if you should visit just one place in Minas Gerais, make sure it is Ouro Preto, a historic town of wonderful baroque churches and yet another colonial UNESCO heritage town. In fact if colonial architecture is your interest, than you need to include Salvador into your itinerary. Of course once in Salvador, and colonial heritage is your interest, it’s a must to visit the colonial cities of Olinda and Recife, the second of the two referred to as Venice of Brazil, on account of having many rivers and bridges within its premises.


Speaking of architecture, Brasilia, the 60s model of modern urban planning, a creation of urban planner Lucio Costa and architect Oscar Niemeyer, is further up toward the geographical center of Brazil and worth a stop if you are interested in architectural design.


Whether your interests are Brazil’s major cities, Brazil culture, music, dance and carnivals, or beaches, colonial heritage, modern architecture, ecotourism or you prefer to have an active vacation hiking, diving, surfing or golfing, we can design a Brazil vacation of your dreams for you. It’s time you add Brazil to your list of countries to visit.






















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