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Dear Traveler,


Clever safe tailor-made worldwide adventures and cultural journeys take experience. We have it and offer it to you by bringing you a wide scope of unique trips in 30+ countries designed and led by the best in the field – the guides. Our company is run and managed by guides! We have done the trips we design and sell!


Our philosophy is to provide the most attentive customer service and highest quality guiding and outfitting, some would say luxurious.


We focus our marketing on the Internet search engines and word of mouth. We pride ourselves at spending none of your money on advertising and many of the overhead costs associated with this industry. 


To keep our prices low, we do not use an 800 number phone line, do not print and mail out glossy picture catalogues and brochures, do not pay for a large office and staff, and do not hire Marketing and Public Relations companies. For our staff, travel and guiding is a lifestyle choice! Most of our people cycle to work - no Mercedes sports cars in our parking lot!


Do not settle for less when booking a tailor-made adventure and cultural travel tour - book with Footloose Travel Guides!


With warm wishes of happy travels,


Tomas Belcik

Managing Director

Footloose Travel Guides, LLC

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